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Your Landscape Partner Terms and Conditions

Estimates, Proposals & Quotes:

Most written quotes are good for thirty days unless specified. During the growing season or high volume times of year when it may take two or more weeks to endorse the quote and confirm a scheduled date a change in property condition is likely to occur. In the event conditions have worsened from the date of the quote to the actual real day work is performed, client will be billed additionally by the hour based on the rate quoted for the types of service being performed. Additionally, written proposals are provided as a whole and may not be used as an “a la carte” reference. If you wish to move forward with services from a quote please call the office to discuss updating the proposal.

Warranty-SoftScape and Plant Material:

We offer a cost free one year replacement based on proper care and watering. Acts of God or Nature are outside of our control and will not qualify as appropriate reasons for warranted replacement.

Warranty-HardScape and Masonry:

We offer many lifetime warranty products. We offer a 3 year maintenance warranty on labor or craftsmanship repairs or damage.

Availability of Materials and Changes in Vendors Due to Shortages and Unexpected Delays:

From time to time and outside of our control availability of any material may change, in this circumstance YLP will do its best to substitute and or replace the desired plant/stone/masonry material and or object with the closest possible match to achieve a similar look without compromising functionality as designed and or planned for. We continue to stand behind our chosen vendors and guarantee the selection of quality materials which we use to complete every project.

Watering Clause:

When determined improper watering as occurred, all warranties are void. In the case of observations such as Hard rock soil, dry roots, withering leaves, dry brittle foliage, sagging blossoms, etc. We are happy to offer watering solutions, systems and game plans.

Pest Damage:

Pest damage or signs of pest damage must be reported as soon as detection occurs. We will only be liable for damage if and when we are under contract for such services.

Turf and Shrub Care:

All of our lawn maintenance plans are developed based on individual properties. Along with the basic maintenance treatments and applications various outside elements sometimes cause a need for additional treatments.

Over the last few years fungus and molds have been spreading throughout the nova area. With stranger than ever temperatures and weather systems our environment is changing and adapting. It is important for you to be an observant partner and if you see something out of the ordinary, let us know as soon as possible. We are inspecting the properties every 5-7 weeks and if not addressed rapidly otherwise easily preventable damage can become a big problem.

Unreasonable amounts of crab grass and other foreign weeds such as nuts edge may need additional treatments that our outside of the scope of "regular" maintenance and will be addressed as needed and occur additional fees if found eligible.

Service Overages:

In the case that services exceed the contracted amount additional charges will be billed at the same rate based on the excess. This applies to mowing, cleanup hours, trimming hours and additional contract items as written.

Coupons, Offer and Discounts:

We try to offer coupons and special incentives often to give new clients a branch to try our service. Additionally, we are happy to allow existing clients to take advantage of specials as a thank you for their part in our continued success. Each client may use one coupon at a time. There should be no combining of specials, coupons or timely offers without prior approval. At our discretion, in some instances we will allow the combination of specials. In the instance of percentage coupons 10% OFF shall not exceed a discount of $300 and 15% Off should not exceed $450.

Late Fees and Past Due Balances:

Please make an effort to pay your bill on time. We are very flexible and offer various payment plans in order to make your landscape maintenance fees fit easily into your budget. Online bill payment and automatic debit are available as well as accepting all major credit cards. For purchases over $500 there is a mandatory 3% processing fee.

First Right of Refusal:

Upon damage to any property or dissatisfaction with any rendered service, YLP must first be notified and upon notification in the case we feel fault has occurred we retain the right to come up and put in place the first solution.

Environmental clause:

In the effort to abide by local county and state regulations and associated fees there will be a $150 per ton indisputable fee attached to the hauling away of yard debris unless prior arrangements have been made. Construction debris such as clay, unfiltered dirt, concrete and stone may have to be recycled for an additional cost. Fees for these services are subject to change without notice.

Thank you for your understanding and continued cooperation!