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Irrigation and Outdoor Lighting

Your Landscape Partner offers a variety of complete Residential and Commercial tree and shrub services, including the following:

  • Residential and Commercial Sprinkler System Installations
  • LED Landscape Lighting
  • Drip Irrigation
  • Sprinkler Service Maintenance and Repairs
  • Winterization and Spring Turn On
  • Cross Connection Control Valve or Backflow Prevention (BFP) Testing


Your Landscape Partner builds and maintains Lawn and Garden Sprinkler Systems. We know maintaining a beautiful garden to keep your home looking it’s best is no easy task. Keeping your lawn and garden watered and nourished during the dry summer months requires hours of watering day after day. With an an automatic sprinkler system manual watering becomes a thing of the past. We will create a watering system designed to fit your watering needs and protect your investment keeping your outdoor area an oasis not a burden. All of our existing clients will be happy to hear that we are now offering complete maintenance service for your current systems.

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Outdoor Lighting

Enhance any new landscape project or existing space with state of the art LED lighting kits guaranteed for life. Outdoor Lighting is almost like the magic of Christmas all season. Your home can sparkle and shine off its beauty all year. Please follow the below links to read more about a variety of Landscape Lighting products that can be installed at your home or property to bring beauty, security and add value to your home at night.